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Heath Brennan

I founded Brennan Sourcing as a response to a glaring lack within the recruitment industry. More than just an outside recruitment resource, I wanted to create a new model for sourcing, to work directly as a business ally and talent intelligence unit. Our role is to bring savings, innovation, efficiency and true value to the total cost of talent search and sourcing for organisations, not to mention a vastly better quality of hire.

The core of our business model is to possess the very best market intelligence at all times. We use this to understand and investigate your total resourcing needs in a highly strategic manner - we tend to discuss a job brief rather than merely taking it. We work closely with candidates to uncover their real abilities and thinking, and bring you team members who can truly perform, and who can complement your business culture.

As the agency principal, I bring more than 12 years of experience in sourcing top performers, and consider my business to be a part of your industry, not a part of the recruitment industry.

Personally, I’ve worked in retail for my entire career, and have actually carried out many of the roles and positions you seek to source. That makes my industry knowledge deep and immediate. You will not waste time explaining your business to an agency recruiter who doesn’t understand your needs, or who sees your brief as a commodity.

I’ve been successful because of the relationships I build, not the transactions I’ve billed, and this has been true for clients and candidates alike. I cherish and actively work on my network, so if I don’t know the right person for your job, it’s likely I know someone who does.

If you’d like to discuss any of your sourcing issues, let’s talk. You can contact me directly here.

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Testimonial | Tina McGennity, HR, Bunnings Perth

I first met Heath Brennan as a candidate, and he advanced me into my senior role by helping me prepare to take it on and own it. I was so completely impressed by Heath’s knowledge of retail and his understanding of how I could step into a senior HR role that I now use Brennan Sourcing to recruit great people into my new team.

Testimonial | Michael Davies, Swinburne Online

It is very refreshing to deal with a recruitment professional like Heath. He was excellent at providing insight and information about the role I was going for and helped me to develop a strategy for the interview process which addressed both my goals and the needs of the employer. He was always available for advice and feedback, and I appreciated his ongoing support and honesty. I would not hesitate to recommend Heath to my employer, contacts and friends.